Don't Waste Michigan
Dedicated to Environmental Quality and Preservation
Beach Haven Center
South Haven MI
Discuss NRC assessment of Palisades Nuclear Plant performance AND problems with leaks at the aging plant. This meeting is open to the public.
The annual assessment meeting usually happens at the end of May
Meetings are being held with the AESLB in the Monroe Area
This meeting usually happens the same day or within a few days of the annual Palisades meeting.
Usual Meeting Location   
St. Joseph/Maud Preston Palanske Memorial Library
500 Market Street
St. Joseph MI
Discuss NRC End-Of-Cycle assessment of D.C. Cook Station performance for the previous year

The Don't Waste Michigan Board of Directors meeting will be held in December.

Citizens concerned about nuclear issues are encouraged to use the resources on this site to learn more about the truth of the dangers of nuclear power and to contact the President of the United States and Congress to demand an end of tax subsidies to the nuclear industry and to encourage safe, renewable energy alternatives such as solar and wind energy.

Posted below are meetings attended by some members of Don't Waste Michigan.
The meetings brought out problems with these nuclear reactors, nuclear waste, and noted some repairs and also continuing problems.
To check for meetings with the NRC in your area, go to their website at Don't Waste Michigan encourages public participation at these annual meetings. Voice your concerns!