Photos of the Mother's Day protest at the Newe Sogobia, the Shoshone Tribal lands, the site of the Nuclear Test site, 2001. This was a non-violent protest.
photos  © Kathryn Barnes, photojournalist


Banner of Newe Sogobia
Barb wire security?
Beautiful sky country
Confrontation at the entrance
Early morning walk to the NTS
Nearing the gate after the prayer circle
The sacred hoop
Sheriff and Wakenhuts on duty
Songs of protest at the line
Speaking out against misuse of the Earth
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Tiny delicate flowers on Shoshone lands
Walking towards the line at the NTS
You will not bless us, we can not pray here
Woman enters the NTS without ID
At the entrance
Peace people
NTS 2001
Peace people speak out
Queen Latrina crosses the line
Singing in the wind