Trucks in and out of the NTS
Photos of the Mother's Day protest at the Newe Sogobia, the Shoshone Tribal lands, the site of the Nuclear Test site, 2001. This was a non-violent protest.
photos  © Kathryn Barnes, photojournalist


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"Stop nuclear waste"--camp gate
Friends outside the atomic cafe
Lunch in the sunshine
Kitchen break
Friends and shade in the tent shelter
Laid back music
Conversation in sunlight
Clean up day with recycling
energy way(???)
Semis enter the NTS..
Drill rig trucks, pick ups.......
What are all the trucks doing at the NTS?
Building a nuclear waste dump
       Life at the Peace Camp  
With an artistic sign
Walking to the NTS gate with a drum beat
Wakenhuts chase protestors that slipped past into the NTS
At the entrance to the NTS
Outside the holding pen
Hunting down the peace people
Wakenhuts re-capture peace people
Being led to the holding pen where protestors were kept for hours without water in the hot sun
Walking back to camp....Others were taken to jail
   The Peace Action/Infiltration